Sundar Pichai Net Worth: Life, Salary, Assets, Cars

Sundar Pichai is an Indian American born on June 10, 1972, in Madras, Tamil Nadu. He completed his BTech degree from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering and he did the MS degree from Standford Unversity. He also completed his MBA degree. He is influenced by his father, his father is also an engineer and had his manufacturing plant for producing electrical components.

He is CEO of Alphbet Inc. and his net worth is $1310 million and in Indian currency is Rupees 10215 crores. Sundar Pichai is a perfectionist in his work and he takes the Google company to another level. Now he earning money on a second basis. You can say he charges money per second or minute of work. He comes on the list of the richest person in the world.

Sundar Pichai’s Net Worth

Sundar Pichai said in an interview that he lives a simple life, starts his day early in the morning, and completes his breakfast at 7:00 Am. He loves to walk and his co-workers see him walking in the office most of the time. He never got time for lunch. In the evening he liked to spend time with his family and go to the gym if got time.

Sundar Pichai is working for Google and Alphabat Inc on a yearly package of $242 million. Sundar Pichai’s basic salary was raised by 200%. Earlier it was 4.6 crore and now the basic salary is 15 crore. From the yearly package, Sundar Pichai will receive $120 million quarterly. And the rest of the money from the package will be received when the targets are met.

Sundar Pichai is an inspirationfor many of us in terms of study and also in other manners like he is running many charitable projects for education, and nutrition all over the world and giving findings on a timely basis. Also, Read the Net Worth of tennis player Sania Mirza

Sundar Pichai Net Worth: At A Glance

Full Name Sundar Pichai
Main Profession Engineer
Personal Investment $572 Million
Net Worth$1310 Million
Yearly Package$242 Million
Born YearJune 10, 1972

Sundar Pichai’s Assets

Sundar Pichai is living in a lavish home. He purchased the luxury home in 2013 worth $2.9 million. He also invited many real estate properties all over the world. He is the owner of many luxury cars like Porsche, BMW, Range Rover, and Mercedes Benz and the car’s net worth is $1.3 million. His personal investments are $572 million and also has investments in terms of insurance plans.

Sundar Pichai: Few Facts

  • He is married to Anjali Pichai and has lovely two kids.
  • His age is 50 years.
  • His estimated net worth is Rupees 10215 crores.
  • He joined Google in 2004.

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